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10 Of The Most Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Never Knew About the Film ‘Titanic’

Baby Shark Jan 16, 2018
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Can you guys believe it, the Titanic turns 20 this year!

You may remember “My Heart Will Go On” being played literally everywhere you go and people talking about watching the film at various screenings.

You may think you know every line from “It’s been 84 years” to “Rose Dawson,” but me make something very clear, there are some things you don’t know, which is why we have complied 10 interesting facts here about the Titanic. Go ahead you guys, educate yourselves.

1. James Cameron has joked that his true reason for making the film is that he wanted to visit the actual Titanic shipwreck.


In fact, in order to get footage of the ship’s actual remains, Cameron’s brother and Panavision worked together to create a deep-sea camera system that would allow them to film from outside their submarine.

2. There actually was a Titanic passenger named J. Dawson.


The director wanted the characters Jack and Rose to be completely unreal but later he found that there was actually a passenger named J.Dawson on the real ship.

J. Dawson (actually Joseph Dawson) worked on the ship as a trimmer. He died when the ship sank and was buried at Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Nova Scotia when his body was found.

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