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10 Non-Horror Halloween Movies People With Anxiety Love

Baby Shark Nov 01, 2017
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Are you afraid that the people you love will leave you? Having anxiety means that you have a hard time sitting still during a horror movie. It’s Halloween around the corner which means that it is rare to find an excellent non-horror film on TV.

Maybe you cringe at the thought of watching a horror movie because you feel like someone will jump out of nowhere to scare you. Perhaps someone you know has anxiety issues, or your child does which is why you are looking for a movie you could show them on Halloween. Or maybe you have had enough with anxiety and want to relax by watching a non-horror film.
This Halloween indulges you with movies that are less gore and blood and more spice, sugar, and everything nice.

We asked a few mental health community members having anxiety disorders to share their favorite movies for coping with Halloween season that will give you an excellent jolly, non-scary vibe.

1. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

“I love watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ and not just because if its catchy music. I love this movie because it recognizes that you can question who you are, but the questioning of yourself doesn’t mean you are no longer yourself. You’re still you, your perspectives, ideas and feelings have just changed, and that’s OK.” — Aurora W.

2. “Monsters Inc.”

“Not really a Halloween movie, but ‘Monsters Inc.’ It’s such a cute movie.” — Kadie A.

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