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10 New Secret Smartphone Features You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

Baby Shark Dec 11, 2017
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Ten years ago you needed ten different devices to do ten different things. However, in 2017, a smartphone can easily be used for text, making calls, reading latest blogs and news as well as for making payments. There is even more to it than just this.
Below are some of the features of smartphones which you cannot live without.

#10. Lock screen message

The graphics key is selective for every individual that enables you to keep your phone and privacy safe. Moreover, the unique feature allows the user to find his or her phone if it is lost by leaving a message. `Go to settings, then go to lock screen and security key after which you need to check lock screen signature and write the email to backup, and it’s done!

© John Biehler / flickr

#9. Smartphone return option

It is advised to use an antitheft app if the lock screen message is not enough because such apps can block or delete the data, can take pictures of the individual trying to unlock the phone and can help the phone to be located via GPS.

© Matthew Keys / flickr

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