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10+ Movie Mistakes We Can’t Believe We Missed In ‘The Notebook’

Baby Shark Oct 10, 2017
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Only Sherlock could have noticed these mistakes in the first watch so don’t beat yourself up about not being observant enough. Plus, Ryan Gosling is such an attention seeker he doesn’t let you look at much else.

1. Say My Name, Say My Name

The actor/character mix-up seems to be a default mistake in the movie world. That’s one of our first observations in this list. At the start of the movie, Ryan Gosling watches Rachel McAdams and Sarah on a ride. Sarah calls out to Rachel as Rachel instead of Allie.

2. Move Your Mouth

When Noah is trying to persuade Allie on a date, he jumps aboard the Ferris Wheel and we can hear her shout “Get off me”, but we don’t see her saying it. Apart from the dubbing, sometimes the editing team adds lines to the films that weren’t in the script during the shooting. Naturally, they have to cut away from the actors’ faces in such situations, but apparently the editing team knew that the film was going to be a hit anyway so they slacked up.

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