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10 Habits You Should Give Up To Be Healthy

Baby Shark Dec 04, 2017
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#3. Paradox of Foam Mattresses

You may have the idea that foam mattresses are fine for your backache. However, turns out, it is contradictory to that. The soft foam mattresses not only cause the pain in your spine but also they don’t provide you the support that your body requires.
Mattresses that are too rigid or too squashy are not suitable for your body. They are the reason for pain and stiffness which leaves you exhausted all day.

#4. Antacids-More like Acids (for your body)

Antacids, medicines are taken for stomach acidity, might heal your stomach ache for the time being, but it causes an everlasting fatality within. Antacids cause chronic kidney disease and reduce the rate of vitamins and minerals absorption in your body.

They can also amplify the rate of HEART ATTACK.

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