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10 Curious Phenomena That Occur on Our Planet

Baby Shark Jan 23, 2018
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8. The underwater waterfall

Like a mystery an underwater waterfall has defied all the laws of physics and flows adding to the scenic beauty of Mauritius. How can a waterfall be formed under the water?The illusion is the real reason behind it. Sand from the beaches being swept off the plateau by oceanic currents and not the water.

7. Lightning storm volcano eruption in Chile

The reason for this magnificent occurrence was the electrification of rising ash particles by the magma. Lightning is seen in the lower part of a developing ash plume. If you happen to see this for real, you will feel what an apocalypse might be like. Indeed, it looked horrifying as lightning bolts accompanied the volcano eruption.The volcano erupted with lightning tearing the sky, causing much terror. The government commenced the evacuation process in time to evade waste.

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