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10 Curious Phenomena That Occur on Our Planet

Baby Shark Jan 23, 2018
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We live on a strange planet. Rarer than we could ever think! Earth is packed with mysteries and unusual occurrences, making us believe in the magical powers of Mother Nature. At other times, just a look at them can send a chill down your spine, and you will find them beautiful.

10. The Ijen Volcano

The Ijen Volcano, famous for its blue lava, is another of nature’s marvels. Blue no longer stands for cool here. It is a group of composite volcanoes located in East Java, Indonesia. These gases turn blue when they come into contact with the oxygen which is present in the air. The bright blue color is the result of sulfuric gases burning at a very high temperature of above 360°C.

Its brilliance can be seen at night as Ijen is the world’s largest sulfuric acid crater lake, which was built by the blue lava.

9. Pyura chilensis — the living rock

Chile is ghastly to the eye and delightful to the tongue. Before you ask why anyone would eat a stone, it’s not a stone. It is a marine filter-feeder similar to sea squirts yet with no brain or sensory organs.Its blood contains a metal called vanadium, and it is a delicacy amongst the locals of Chile and Peru.It is born a male, though it produces female organs and then reproduces on its own.

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