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10 Clear Signs That She Is Crazy About You

Baby Shark Nov 26, 2017
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Even if you’re totally blind to non-verbal signs and body language, attraction can seldom be hidden. But for those, if you that are not sure what she thinks about you, we have compiled these 10 signs that will allow you some insight into how girls typically behave when they’re attracted to you.

Let’s get down to it then:

10.Her pupils get wider every time she sees you.

Dilation of the pupils is a common sign of agreeableness. When she looks at you and her eyes seem to twinkle and shine a lot, it could be a sign that she likes you. However, she could easily be excited about something else as well so… it’s a guessing game I guess.

So basically, Oxytocin is the hormone produced when eye contact occurs, which helps people to feel like they have a bond. Also, shyness is another indication of attraction. If her pupils get dilated and she shies away from your gaze, she probably likes you.

9.Note the position of her legs.

Crossed legs mean that she is not willing to open up to you. She wants to retain her personal space and she is not comfortable. Now, being uncomfortable may also mean that she likes you, so to clarify this, observe her toes. If the toes point towards you, she may like you. On the other hand, if she is comfortable in your presence, her legs will be in a position other than crossed-legs.

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